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Put quality in your plate!

tranches de boeuf

Angus AA and AAA beef

The pure, fresh air of the mountainous meadows of the Eastern Townships ensures top quality meat with incomparable taste. Well-marbled, our Angus beef will meet all your requirements. To consume without moderation!

We love Quebec pork!

Quebec pork offers a variety of over 32 cuts. Ideal in roasts, chops, ribs or even fillets, pork provides very high quality protein. Its excellent nutritional values as well as its low fat content make it a favorite product!

Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs as top view on
Poulet grillé


Chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry are also available at Boucherie René et Richard. We choose our breeders with care in order to guarantee you the best possible quality of meat.

Lamb, veal and specialized meats

The diversity of products offered at Boucherie René & Richard is our pride! We have everything and for all tastes. Visit our online ordering site to discover our different varieties of meats.

Roasted lamb meat rib chop steaks with p

Discover our ready-to-eat meals!

Cooked just like at home, our ready-to-eat meals are made with healthy foods and no preservatives. For your busy days, or just to spoil yourself!

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