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A passion that endures

for 4 generations

Aristide Fortin, the pioneer

Owner of a farm in Eastman, Aristide Fortin founded one of the first butchers in the Eastern Townships at the beginning of the 20th century.

Jean-Louis Fortin, the mayor

Jean-Louis Fortin, Aristide's son, set out to open a grocery store in the center of the village of Eastman at the age of 27, which operated under the name JL Fortin until his death. (His grandson Yves Fortin took over the activities of this butcher's shop from 2008 to 2018, then closed it to concentrate his activities in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley.)


A well-known figure in the region, Jean-Louis Fortin traveled the roads on horseback to sell his pieces of meat as far as Magog. He was also elected mayor of the municipality of Eastman for twenty years in the middle of the last century.


Louis-Paul Fortin, the ambitious

Louis-Paul followed in the footsteps of his father Jean-Louis before going to study at the National Institute of Meat Cuts in Montreal. At 18, he was recruited by the A&P company as a meat cutter. He rose through the ranks and quickly passed to meat manager, then supervisor on the provincial scene.


He was then Chief Purchaser in Ontario before becoming Vice President of Marketing and Purchasing at A&P Canada until his retirement in 2006.


Yves Fortin, the worthy heir

Today the proud owner of Boucherie René and Richard in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, Yves Fortin exercises the profession which his family has been passionate about for decades. His father taught him everything, but the flame, he already carried it within him!


Since taking possession of Boucherie René and Richard in January 2010, the number of employees has doubled, then major renovations have taken place in order to better serve its loyal customers.

In the Eastern Townships region, customers are happy to come and taste the company's meats. Many orders come from local restaurateurs, but also from the United States and Ontario.


Everyone appreciates the quality of meat and homemade products from Boucherie René and Richard. Lamb, veal, beef, pork and chicken come mostly from the Eastern Townships.

La Boucherie René et Richard now offers you the possibility of ordering your pieces of meat as well as your favorite cooked dishes directly online!

Free shipping available for any purchase of $ 100 or more!

Dare to love quality!

Beyond the taste, we know how important it is to eat well. This is why we are proud to offer you superior quality meats. Discover our different cuts of meat as well as our ready-to-eat homemade dishes!

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